Scarlett #1 (Of 5) Cover B JoËLle Jones Variant

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MINISERIES PREMIERE THE NEXT CHAPTER OF CODENAME: G.I. JOE BEGINS HERE. Shana "Scarlett" O'Hara is about to take on the most dangerous black ops mission of her career: infiltrating the mysterious rising power in Japan known as Clan Arashikage. Her one lead is her former partner-Jinx-turned Arashikage enforcer. Now, Scarlett must use her very particular set of skills to survive undercover...and discover a shocking weapon that could change the balance of power on Earth. Red-hot writer KELLY THOMPSON (Black Widow, Birds of Prey) and artist MARCO FERRARI (FRONTIERSMAN) introduce some of the most anticipated characters to the Energon Universe in ways you'll never expect!