Washed In The Blood #3 (Of 3) Cover B Cannon Connecting (Mature)

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Rob Cannon is the interior artist of Washed in the Blood and a contributing cover artist for Massive Publishing's Quested, Liquid Kill and Astrobots. This variant is the third of three connecting covers that will be offered across all three issues of the Washed in the Blood miniseries, so don't miss your chance to grab part three of these interlocking designs. What if you were called upon by the WORST god of all time? In a frozen post-apocalyptic wasteland called "Freak Snow," a young cult survivor hears the voice of the self-proclaimed god of guns. Like any human would be, he is hypnotized by the prospect of power by listening to this divine freak. A path to salvation paved with love, turmoil, and mostly death. Explore the world of Kevin Roditeli's Freak Snow in Massive's take on "Black Mirror"with a post-apocalyptic twist! A tale inspired by Mad Max, Hellraiser, Fallout and the filmography of David Cronenberg. "Washed In The Blood takes you on a trippy thrill ride through visceral illustrations and an intensely cold, savage, post-apocalyptic tale." - Jason Bennett, Popculthq.com "The best storytelling (both textually and artistically) that I HAVE EVER SEEN." - Comicbookposer.com "If you give yourself to Roditeli's narrative, it will take you somewhere, and you'll arrive at the end smarter than whence you started." - Blake Morgan, Blakebuzz.com In Shops: Jun 19, 2024 SRP: $4.99 View All Items In This Series ORDER SUBSCRIBE WISH LIST