Loki Original Television Series Soundtrack Vinyl

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From Mondo Tees. The incredibly talented, classically trained multi-instrumentalist brought an immediately noticeable unique musical flourish to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the main title theme 'TVA' (also nominated for an Emmy). From the jump, the propulsive, bellowing synth and melodic strings carry this high concept sci-fi story of timelines and multiverses to emotional depths with delicate precision. "I had an idea for the look of the sleeves, inspired by the opening credits from the TVA theme in Loki's logo in black and white, and I'm thrilled with how Mondo and artist Anne Benjamin have taken my concept and created such epic and beautiful Loki inspired artwork," says composer Natalie Holt. "I really hope people can turn down the lights, open their ears and enjoy interacting with this Loki vinyl set!" Pressed on three 180 Gram black vinyl discs and housed in a slipcase featuring an all new illustration by artist Anne Benjamin.